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Prestige Series


Art of house living
The design is based on the human natural、high quality of art and dedicated on the small spot, make the diversity decoration style merged into the design of your villa

Safety and reliable
Using anti-trapping advance technology, in case of emergency, the cabin will stop at the nearest floor and open the door, self-tunning function ensure the elevator can run smoothly under any circumstance

Energy saving for environment
Emphasize the household ecology, using as less energy consumption as a fridge, creating more eco-friendly environment

Low and efficiency energy consumption

No machine room(don't need top machine room)

Don't need special structure(save your structure cost)

Save on space width 1550* Depth 1250 (mm)

Easy to install any old or new building, indoor and oudoor

Easy and low const maintenance

300-500 MM pit

Comfort ride and silent

Available custom made and customized design