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Car Lift


Increasingly, car lifts are also becoming a more popular choice among dedicated hobbyists who prefer to maintain their own vehicles, as well as families looking to make the most out of their limited parking space. The efficiency, speed, safety and convenience a high-quality car lift provides is now an affordable option for the home user.

But finding the right car lift for home or professional use is still a challenging task for many consumers, mostly because it seems like the options, features and different applications multiply in number by the day. 

JFI lifts, equipped with VVVF inverters, provides with the advantage of high efficiency, high torque, and lownoise. With the solid structural design, firm cabin, wide cabin door, smooth, and safe operation, JFI Lifts are suitable for the freight delivery at factory, warehouse, station, shopping malL, and etc.

we are also capable of designing the products for clients in special needs.

*Dust Free Car Lift (1000 Class) Hsinchu Science Park in Taiwan

*Water and Dust Free Car Lift (IP55) Class factory in South Africa Rope