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G9 Pitless Lift (luxurious)


Art of house living
The design is based on human natural, high quality of art, dedicated on the small spot, and make diversity decoration styles merge into the design of your villa

Safety and reliable
Using anti-trapping advance technology, the cabin will stop at the nearest floor and open the door in case of emergencies. The self-turning function ensures elevator running smoothly under any circumstance

Energy saving for the environment
Emphasize the household environment, using less electricity than a refrigerator.

· No need to add the concrete shaft structure. It saves you
  a lot of cost.
· Easy and quick installation for new and old house. It does
  not interfere with your household life.
· Little space is required for installation. Only 125*140cm
  is enough for installation
· It can be carried away when moving to new house
· Unlike common sheet steel. The exterior aluminum alloy
  cladding looks elegant and decent. It can easily match with
  original upholstery.
· It can become observation home lift by changing the
  exterior aluminum alloy cladding into glass to show your