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当社は「日本品質を世界へ」を目的に安全安心なエレベーターを世界へ供給しております。私自身、日本国内で創業45年のエレベーター会社を営んで参りました。その経験と製造会社・メンテナンス会社の協力体制をもって、世界の皆様へ日本品質エレベーター JapanFuji をお届けします。

Words from President Ota

We supply safe elevators with Japanese quality to the world.  I myself have been in the business for 45 years in Japan. We will deliver elevators with Japanese technologies and qualities to the world


Quality Manager - Nobunori Tsukuana

each elevator is under strict quality controls. We achieve a number of the international standards and received the European CE certification. It is not only the glory of the company, but also the pride of whole Japanese people. JFI lifts also won the Middle East Saudi Arabia SASO certifications and so on. We are dedicated to R&D, obtaining patents both foreign and domestic.



To revive the economy in Japan, several 30-year-old Japanese elevator manufacturers founded JFI(Japan Fuji International) in 2016, aiming to sell quality elevators overseas. We want our clients to have premium Japanese elevators.


There are more than a dozen experienced interior designers making our product match your needs. We have a wide range of products from home lifts, hospital elevators, shopping mall escalators to airport moving walk.


There are more than two hundred accidents related to elevator worldwide annually. Therefore, safety is our first priority.